Wildcard Selectors

Hi guys,

I’m having some trouble with this. Would it be possible to wildcard the following?

Can't seem to get this to work. Please advise. Thanks!

what thing?, here are nothing


Anyway, here it is:

Need to wildcard the numeric value. Thanks!

OK that didn’t work. “”. I’m hoping this would.


We have 2 wildcards.

Asterisk * and question mark ?

Asterisk replaces everything after it and ? just 1 character.

  • didn’t work. I’ll try ?. Thank you!

If you need to replace 2 that would be ?? if you need to replace 1 that would be for example a 2 char value let’s say 10 ?0 or 1? for the second char. Let’s say we want to replace my username the first char. that would be ?munro if I change my username to fmunro instead of rmunro it will still be valid.

please, share the complete selector, maybe something more is missing.