Wildcard (*) is not working when placed in title

Hi, i’m trying to indicate an element from web using UiExplorer. There is a hardcoded title present like this.

I’m trying to use wildcard(*) to make the title generic for all pages. While doing it i’m getting validation error like this. Can anyone help me how to fix this? Thanks in advance.

Hi @yasir.hoq.bssp did u click on the validate button again?


Nived N

Happy Automation

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Hi @yasir.hoq.bssp,

In the right side of UiExplorer, you can find the unused items. you can check with each items and unselect the title property. You might find a proper dynamic selector

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Hi @yasir.hoq.bssp
Apply wildcard on ‘aaname’ also… there’s nothing wrong with title but with other members with spaces.

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Change title in attach browser ,if you’re using it

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Dear all, thanks, i was able to fix this.