Wilcard entry for webctrl

how make this validate

< webctrl id=‘as_ul’ tag=‘UL’ / >
I have same tag and id for both the UI

if you have saved the id in variable inid and tag in intag variable of type string
then it should be like this
< webctrl id= ‘ " + inid + " ’ tag=‘ " + intag + " ’ / >
make sure that you pass the selector as a string to selector property of any activity and dont make any changes in the selector editior by replacing the value with variable as it wont take
So send it as string to the selector property like this
“< webctrl id= ‘ " + inid + " ’ tag=‘ " + intag + " ’ / >”

Cheers @KarthikBallary

I didn’t grt you. we dont create a variable for selector


kindly come again with you query once
Cheers @KarthikBallary

check the attached image. Is that crct?

it should like this buddy
webctrl id = ’ " + inid + " ’

where inid is a variable of type string
Any how come again with the query you were about to ask
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anydeafult value must be set to inid?

still it is showing red mark not “validate”

Fine @KarthikBallary
again i request you to come again with your requirement… as i would like to get you to right direction

I have two urls
url1> search box>type text>send hot keys+down>
if single result enter> multi results ctrl+a+ del> if no results> ctrl +a+del
evrything works fine for url1

ur2(same UI)>same scenariao> type text> aroow down> it will take 30 secs to process further

for url1> elemnt exist>< webctrl id=‘as_ul’ tag=‘UL’ / >
for url2>elemnt exist> < < webctrl id=‘as_ul’ tag=‘UL’ / >
so is der any nedd to use wildcard?

I think there is no need to use any wildcard along the selector as there is no dynamic values in the selector
the issue is the same second url takes more than 30 sec then first url…am i right…?
Cheers @KarthikBallary



how to save this time?

we dont need to make any changes with the selector as they are not different rather we need to find what makes the same second url and its selector takes more time to load,
for that lets try to open the second url we have now as first and first url as second
Lets check whether the second URL which is ran first as first takes the same amount of time
Cheers @KarthikBallary

It is taking 30 secs only and it is not selecting the result after 30 secs