WIID not being added on the URL I want to open

Hi Guys,

Can you please let me know what’s the problem. When I hard code one of the WIID it open the browser via navigate to but if I add + In_WIID its not working and getting an error.

Hi @RageZero317

This could be because you are not getting a value for WIID variable at the point you are trying the Navigate To activity. Look closely for the value assignment for the WIID variable. If you are calling this in a separate workflow, make sure you are passing a value through arguments properly…

You can do this using the debug mode as well. This way you will be able to see the values that are assigned to these variables. Have a breakpoint on the activity, (right click and add break point), and run in break point. Then you will see whether the WIID has a value or not and accordingly you can change the code :slight_smile:

Let know whether this helps

Yes Im calling it from a seperate workflow and arguments has been setup properly.
The error is in the assign activity but I wonder how come its not opening the navigate to window.

This is the error: Index was outside the bonds of the Array
Out_SearchString = StrArray(2).Trim+"-"+StrArray(4).Trim+"-"+StrArray(6).Trim