WIID in client security hash

the error that I receive is in_TransactionItem.SpecificContent(‘WIID’). ToString SpecificContent is not a member of System.Data.DataRow
Please I need help

Your in_TransactionItem is of type DataRow, not an QueueItem
Check which one you need.

Why have you used SpecificContent?
Just use in_TransactionItem(“WIID”).ToString and you should be good.

This particular assignment dosent use queues. :slight_smile:

The variables are different types, a datarow is like a collection, within it is the data you want, you can either use the column header or the index for what you want, this spoecific content isn’t required


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Thank you, now the mistake is
An identifier was expected

Can you show us the contents of your assign activity? Are you using normal brackets? ()

I’m sorry, it was misspelled.
All right thanks

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