Why try catch failed in this case?

Hi guys

Could you please advise me?

This is my automation:

The idea behind is that: if there is any error encountered during the automation, then the msedge.exe process will be killed, and then the automation will be restarted. (Automation works on the browser only)

However, I got an error today, and nothing happend. The process was not killed.
This was the error:

What is wrong? how can I fix it?

Many thanks


Because you use StudioX and GlobalExceptionHandler caught the exception before TryCatch did it.

If you wan to avoid it, can you try to edit to have exceptionHandlerWorflow blank in project.json.
(PLease note that it’s not official way)



no the point is to “catch” the error right? if I do continue on error then the automation will not be stopped. the intented way is that: if there will be ANY error during the automation process, then the automation should be restarted

Thank you I will try this now.


Please remove rethrow

This will throw error again…rethrow is meant for that