Why there are two rows for url in data scrapping

I needed the list of the top 250 movies from IMDB along with their URLs and ratings. and to do so I used structured data scrapping. but unable to figure out why there are two rows for urls.

Is there no difference between? or both are same?
If both are same its means its taking something as a object and giving url for it as well.

Currently I am login from private network so IMDB is not accessible after few mints I can see it

Hello @rajyavardhansr

Did you try another website and check whether the same is happening in that also?

Usually it will capture only one url alone. If the issue still persists, you can get this to datatable and then use filter datatable activity. then you can enable remove rows in it and remove the rows with Column1 as null.


It looks like there is a blank row between each movie. You should inspect the HTML to see what’s going on there. Also, you should open each URL to see what each is, then you’ll know which you can just discard.

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