Why the same published nupkg has different execution result?

Hi everyone,

I faced an issue that the published process an run smoothly in my development environment. However, When I Published to the Testing/Production Environment, it just pop up the error message.

I checked the process again, but it showed now error. Only in Testing/Production appeared the error messages.

Any potential reason will cause this situation?

I’m checking whether the Studio version has the impact or not.
First I developed the process in 18.4.5, after the development I updated to 19.4.4 and it ran fine.

If you have any idea, Please give me some advice

Thanks in advance.


May I know what error are you getting here ?


Sure! but it didn’t show any valued information.


That’s why I back to Development Environment to check the error but everything is fine.

I’m consider whether because I pack the dependencies manually to the default package folder
C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\Packages

Below is the message pop up when I try to open the process via Studio.
Due to the company policies, the IP address offer from UiPATH website(IP Addresses the Robot Connects to) we used to download the dependencies were changed, we couldn’t open when we get the fixed IP address. That’s why I packed the dependencies manually.


Have you installed Uipath studio along with Robot in Production environment or not ?

As you said before you are two different versions of Uipath studio’s. I guess the Packages used in Development environment or not there in Production environment as it is upgraded version.

It’s better to install Uipath studio also to check these issues.