Why the same published nupkg has different execution result?

Hi everyone,

I faced an issue that the published process an run smoothly in my development environment. However, When I Published to the Testing/Production Environment, it just pop up the error message.

I checked the process again, but it showed now error. Only in Testing/Production appeared the error messages.

Any potential reason will cause this situation?

I’m checking whether the Studio version has the impact or not.
First I developed the process in 18.4.5, after the development I updated to 19.4.4 and it ran fine.

If you have any idea, Please give me some advice

Thanks in advance.


May I know what error are you getting here ?


Sure! but it didn’t show any valued information.


That’s why I back to Development Environment to check the error but everything is fine.

I’m consider whether because I pack the dependencies manually to the default package folder
C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\Packages

Below is the message pop up when I try to open the process via Studio.
Due to the company policies, the IP address offer from UiPATH website(https://docs.uipath.com/robot/v2018.1/docs/ip-addresses-the-robot-connects-to) we used to download the dependencies were changed, we couldn’t open when we get the fixed IP address. That’s why I packed the dependencies manually.


Have you installed Uipath studio along with Robot in Production environment or not ?

As you said before you are two different versions of Uipath studio’s. I guess the Packages used in Development environment or not there in Production environment as it is upgraded version.

It’s better to install Uipath studio also to check these issues.