Why the activity "Invoke workflow" has different interface?

Hi guys,

I just wondering why the Invoke workflow has different interface.
One has 2 buttons which are “Edit Arguments” and “Import Arguments”
Another one are “Import Arguments” and “Open Workflow”.

In my opinion, it’s really annoying and confused.

Two types of the interface is confusing, and Similar options for Arguments(Edit/Import) is also.

How to fix it and could anyone give me some clear explanation about Edit/Import arguments?

I searched the topics but still in chaos, it looks like almost the same no matter which button you click, it goes to the same place. Why don’t just put it together?

Thanks in advance

@opas1216, I believe you just have to upgrade packages. If you are using same version of packages then it should be same.



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If you upgrade package to last version in manage package, you will get the same interface.