Why should I learn Uipath Automation?

Hello everyone !
I have some friends from software engineer background and I told them that I do automation using UiPath. Most of their answer was : Why you choose that ? as anyone can do automation if people know programming. Why u are dependent on others tools.

Their main point was if someone is from software engineer background they can do automation without being dependent on some automation tools.

What the fact is ? was their answer right ?

Please someone explain me this

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What they are saying it true…we can automate using any programming language…of our choice…but again the time taken for building the code and setting up infra and the connection to multiple technologies is huge…the tool helps in doing that work and we actually concentrate on the business scenarios more rather than the other issues that we face… evn in RPA tools for the things which you dont have any component available you then switch to use injectjs,invoke code,power shell,python,java etc…so basically the tool provides an interface for getting quick automations rather than the sitting and coding each and every bit of it and working on middle ware again to communicate between different applications etc


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Hi @prabin_chand1

It’s true. One can create their own automation scripts using programming languages like Python, Java, or C#, without the use of UiPath or any other automation tools. However, using an automation tool like UiPath can provide several benefits, especially for non-technical users.

UiPath, and similar automation tools, have a visual interface that allows non-technical users to create automation workflows without having to write code. This can save a significant amount of time and effort for people who are not familiar with programming languages. Additionally, automation tools offer a range of pre-built activities and integrations with other applications, making it easier to automate tasks that would otherwise require significant coding expertise. These pre-built activities can be used to perform common tasks like data entry, web scraping, and PDF parsing.

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it means UiPath is not for technical people ?
I have completed bachelor from IT background but I due to some circumstances I came to meet with UiPath and I am in this field from 1 year.

Does i have taken wrong decision or what ?

But depending on these tools may hamper automation as they come up with new updates time to time which comes along with bugs.
Which we cannot resolve from our side, we have to depend on these tools so that they can debug and release again and that goes on and on . . . . . .


UiPath is not just for non-technical users. In fact, it is a powerful automation tool that can be used by technical professionals, including software engineers and IT professionals, to create complex and efficient automation workflows. This provides a range of advanced features and capabilities, such as the ability to integrate with multiple systems and applications, execute complex logic, and handle large amounts of data. These features require technical expertise and knowledge of programming concepts, which are typically possessed by individuals with an IT background.

UiPath is growing rapidly with changing IT climate & bringing up many tools & capabilities which are as deep as machine learning & artificial intelligence stuff. You can expect a lot to learn & grow here.

As long as you are happy & performing well in your career aspect, it sounds like you made a good decision in choosing UiPath as your automation tool. Your IT background has likely been helpful in understanding the concepts and processes involved in automation, and with experience, you can become an expert in using UiPath to create powerful automation solutions.

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But depending on these tools may hamper automation as they come up with new updates time to time which comes along with bugs.
Which we cannot resolve from our side, we have to depend on these tools so that they can debug and release again and that goes on and on . . . . . .


I agree tools have limitations…the changed you are talking about can occur any where…a new library may come up…or the old librries may be deprecated…As UiPath and RPA is still in the phase of growing it would definitely have its downsides…

Say You write a fullsize automation in UiPath and in any other code yourself…check the time difference first for building them

Ease of maintaining the code

Yes upgrades are frustrating some times…but its a part of the life cycle

The Aim of RPA is to provide a platform for automation where few components are already available so as to get your development to speed

At the end of the day even the bugs you are getting are because of the same code …so errors needs to understood anywhere not only in tool or the code


Is it worth I am using UiPath as my automation tool.
As I am from NEPAL.
hereIi am working in one company that used UiPath as automation tool. There are total 3 company in NEPAL that does Automation.

Is my career safe ? as Being a RPA developer my salary is not good 23k NPR per month.
Which is very low. Its difficult to cover a month expense.

What should I do ?