Why 'Published projects must not be unpackaged'?


It is stated in About Publishing Automation Projects (uipath.com) that Published projects must not be unpackaged. To make any changes, please open the initial .xaml file in Studio, perform the changes, and then publish the project again.

Can somebody explain to me, why such rule should be applied? What problems will be encountered otherwise? I know that spaces in filenames can be changed to ‘%20’ as in here. But what are other reasons?

Hello @loxyms

As per the statement which you have shared what I understood is, that if you publish the package to the orchestrator it will be in .npkg format. So if you want to make any changes to the workflow, you need to modify the .xaml in the uipath studio and then need to publish it again to the orchestrator.

If you are publishing to the local folder, then you can unzip it and get the .xaml files.

The thing is that according to UiPath best practice you should not download .npkg from Orchestrator, unpack it, modify the code, and then publish it again. This procedure is not recommended by UiPath and I wish to know why.

Hi @loxyms

I believe the packaged files can sometimes require optimizations, such as the issue with the spaces that you’ve mentioned above.

I actually think that this specific issue was the reason why we’ve proactively included the warning in our documentation.

It remains the best practice to maintain your project source code in a separate location, preferably also via a source control repository. Things might simply work for you if you edit the unpackaged .npkg file, but this will not sufficiently scale and is not the best practice way of managing your code.