Why not supply mousewheel rotate activity?

Why not add an activity about mousewheel rotate? Without it, so many web drop and drag, view enlarge or shriek in the middle should use script. What an annoying thing.
I try to use keyboard as mouse, try to write C# and even powershell code, although very bothering and trivial.
If possiblre, add activities about slipping and moving mouser.

Hi @111728 ,

You could always use as an alternative the Set Focus activity https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/set-focus to set keyboard focus to a specified UI element.

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@111728 scrolling functions are part of our plan for this year.

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Thanks for your kindness. I will have a try a take a lesson.

Come on! If possible, I prefer to be the first user to take a test.

glad to hear, some sensitive actions always need a counting scroll wheel activity.