Why my remote machine robot not executing the process

Shows error like,

I have created one local robot and second is another machine robot. I am executing my process by another machine robot. but shows the above error.

Pls give solution.

Log on to the machine with UiPath installed and type UiRobot in the start menu - this should start it running.

If that doesn’t work go to Services and start the UiRobot service.


Hey, Not able to find UiRobot in Remote machine… How come?

UIpath is installed on Remote Machine and Robot.exe is running and Key, machine name and orche. path all are given. Remote machine connected to the orchestrator.

I have same issue but difference error message. the error message is “the remote name could not be resolved: 'www.domain.com” which domain is from Orchestrator machine.

Everything look alright except could not run the process from Orchestrator.

please see pic below:

I hope a good guy from UiPath give me solution cause I am doing PoC with my customer in this week. :frowning:

Hi @irahmat,
did you try to include “https://” in the address? Otherwise it might be a firewall issue…


What might help when the Orchestrator encounters an error, is this link:



I suspect as you. but it’s solved now by added proxy address on robot setting and restart services.