Why its show like that

cummunication between studio and taxonomy manager error

Hi @Neeraj_Gupta1

Please check on this thread

I hope it helps!!

Hi @Neeraj_Gupta1 ,

You can check the Package that is responsible for this error. Its this package: image it fixed the issue.


Hi, ensure that you are using the latest version of the UiPath packages, including the Document Understanding related packages. Outdated or incompatible packages can sometimes cause communication issues.

which version i have to select??? there is many option in the version?

I have download upadted version

Check this package if you are missing it. : image It is responsible for this issue. or Updating UiPath.Intelligent.OCR.Activities package to 4.113.0 and update all DU packages

its not in my dependencise

Try 6.5 version of UiPath.Intelligent.OCR.Activities package

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Great for all specially Neha

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