Why it says "0 Runtimes Available, 0 Connected"?


I am trying to run this process in the Orchetrator:

Why it says “Runtimes Available, 0 Connected” ?

I have seen other topic similar, where the solution was " it is solved…my robot was connected using URL and not the machine key."

But I can’t change this, only can connect using URL.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @antonioabp
The Reason why it shows means, the machine not properly mapped with user license or the machine not properly configured and not mapped into the folder. Please check the License page the machine mapped to correct license and also check the Folder settings the machine mapped in that folder.

License Page
Folder Page:


First, thanks for your time.

Please, look at this. I don’t find any error.


Just connect in Assistant your robot to your Orchestrator (use the Machine Key or Client ID type for the DemoTemplate machine template).

Hello @antonioabp

Please check the below video.

Have you allocated the license and properly connected the machine id to the assistant?