Why it is showing "studio has detected that your license information is changed" below uipath studio

Why this error is showing? even after restarting before, this error is showing. And other problem is that still i am unable to start unattended process after watching all the videos and doing all the configurations, it is still showing 'pending" when running job from orchestrator.w hat should i do??

Hi @opkushwaha999 ,
Just close and restart the studio .

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i have done it. it stops showing for sometime , but again it shows up. is there any connection between this and my unattended robot not being executed(showing pending)

May I know which version are you using ?

Please follow this link for the issue .

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i am using the latest updated ce version 22.4.1

Hello @opkushwaha999 ,

I hope in studio and Uipath assistant its showing as connected for you. If not please watch the below video and reconnect it. Also is this issue recently happened after some update or from the beginning you were facing this issue?

Hello @opkushwaha999, I have been having the same issue.
The same error keeps on showing and also the issue of Unattended bot not being executed (Showing Pending).

Please if you have found the solution to any of the issues
Kindly share