Why is Window Selector required when Check App State is inside a Use Application/Browser, using an Input Element?

These modern activities (UiAutomation.Activities 21.4.4) still don’t handle variables well.

I have a Use Application/Browser that doesn’t use selectors, it uses Input Element:


Therefore the embedded Check App State shouldn’t need a Window Selector, it should inherit from Use Application/Browser. But when I try to edit target:


And when running the automation:


Hey @postwick

This should work as we are the using the same in all the processes.

Btw, our version of activities is around 21.x


I’m not saying it doesn’t work, I’m saying it shouldn’t require a Window Selector because the window is passed as a variable. But it still requires Window Selector. No idea what would happen if the window selector were incorrect, if it’s just ignore.

Hey @postwick

Could you maybe clarify how do you extract the input element that you pass as a variable?

The design time selector editing experience makes sense, because the variable is not set at the time, but I am wondering what this GetWindowSelectorTags not implemented for tag 'webctrl' is all about. Where does it show this error?

From a previous Use Application/Browser.

When running the automation.

I can see that the internal issue that was tracking this topic was marked as completed in 22.10. Therefore, upgrading UIAutomation package to 22.10 should solve the issue.

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This update is going to be released with the 22.12 preview, within the next few days.

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Solves it how? What has been changed?

if activities are configured to use a UIElement variable as input, they will not longer require a card.