Why is this UI input not detectable after the first iteration?

Hi all,
I am facing with this issue whereby the im supposed to change Context Value for every iteration. However, after the first iteration, the robot changes the To Date field. What can I do so that the robot will remain consistent?


Hey @attkren1 , while indicating it, in the selector section… keep it has "ignore Text "

I cannot find this feature in the Type Into activity that I used

Use Fuzzy Selectors, Remove Computer Vision or Image Selection, Ignore Text from the selectors and if it contains aaname or innertext tags, remove them

Since your using dropdown for context value, try using select items

there is only Computer Vision for Target for me.

@attkren1 . use select item activity

and refer below image for ignore text optioni

@attkren1 , click on the Ignore text option from that selectors panel

Can you send the site your using

the site is Oracle Fusion

@attkren1 , try this and let us know the result

Also can you send the webiste link or a dummy website link so that we can work on and send you the exact solution

Hope it helps you!

It seems fine now but other activity seems to be affected (no response, not working) somehow.

@attkren1 , Try giving anchors to all activities and also try using strict selectors

It might help you out

Using Select Item for the dummy site you can set selectors as



What is the navigation you are using in oracle fusion?