Why is this advertised as not needing programming knowledge?

Ok, it’s been a good 3 weeks I’ve been trying to learn this program. It was advertised as usable without any programming knowledge. I figured out I need to write expressions to really do anything besides whatever wrong thing the recorder puts out. I look up how to write expressions and I get this:

“For example, if you have the System.Data namespace imported, you can further use DataTable, DataView, DataColumn, DataRow and other classes that are available in it, without having to always type System.Data.DataTable and so on.”

Is that supposed to be helpful? I don’t have time to learn programming unless i can learn it in like a half hour somewhere.Is there anywhere I can do that? get the fundamentals concisely?

Instead of using the recorder can you not build it step by step using the activities you need. I.e click, type, send key, etc?

If you let us know what you are looking to do, and what you’ve done already, perhaps we can help.

Depending on what your looking to automate depends how complicated the development can be, simple surface activities are usually quite straightforward.

also useful to learn VB