Why is there no tutorial on the latest version of Orchestartor

It´s so frustrated to see old version of tutorials.

Many tutorials show how easy it is to set up an robot. But it´s not working.

For the first : There is no User icon on the latest version.

How to do then?


I do agree that adjusting to the new Orchestrator takes some time. When you log in for the first time, you will see something like this below. You can differentiate between Users and Roles by inspecting the Type column (3) below.

The Robots menu item is visible adjacent to it if you are at the Tenant Level (by clicking Tenant just below the Orchestrator Logo on the Top-Left)

The method of creating Robots the classic way is the same if you click on the Default folder on lower-left side of the screen.

Difference to Note
You will notice that the Default folder has the Robots menu item on the top ribbon. But when you click on the My Workspace folder, you won’t see the Robots option. That is because the My Workspace folder is a built-in Modern folder and Robot licenses are assigned to the user via Machine templates (when that user is Signed in from UiPath Assistant instead of being connected using a machine key) at the time when the automation is running and then released when not in use. In Default folder (which is the built-in classic folder), the license is forever tied to a machine.



Here you can refer for each version and it’s version update


Cheers @Anders_Dahl