Why is the database a requirement for orchestrator?


I’m having trouble finding the answer to my question: Why is the database a requirement for orchestrator? Is it only for Kibana and ElasticSearch?

We already have something similar to Kibana and ElasticSearch so if that’s all it’s used for, we probably won’t set that up but I wanted to be sure.

Hello @rpa3po,

Orchestrator is a web application. It keeps all the data in database. So you must need the database for orchestrator. To know more about it please take a look here which are attached the links.




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I would be looking at an on-premises orchestrator. Does the database requirement still apply?

Hi @rpa3po,

The Orchestrator needs a database in order to be installed on-premises.

As per the documentation provided above by @balupad14:
“A SQL server machine with one of the following versions: 2008 R2 with SP3 as a minimum requirement, 2012, 2014, 2016, or 2017 Standard or Enterprise Edition.”

UiPath Orchestrator is a web application that enables you to orchestrate your UiPath Robots in executing repetitive business processes.
Orchestrator lets you manage the creation, monitoring, and deployment of resources in your environment, acting in the same as an integration point with third-party solutions and applications.

–Vasile C.