Why is Studio CE bloating so much?!

I was working on an automation project and the entire Studio froze up, and along with it my entire machine! I managed to get this read from Task Manager and I see this: :neutral_face:

My machine is an Intel 8GB, 1 TB with more than 500GB of free disk space.

What would cause Studio CE to go into such a situation? Is it an auto-update?

Now the entire project is frozen up. I had saved it just before this whole thing started, but if I hadn’t, all changes would be lost because now I have no other option but to kill the UiPath process thread and bring it back up.

My Studio Signature below ( it is currently working with a CE tenant signed up for 60-day Ent trial)

Thanks and please let me know if I need to take additional measures because this is the second time this week that this has happened.

@AndyMenon can you please give more information? Is this still happening? Did you see any pattern for this event?

Please share a diagnostic tool report if it happens again.

Hello @alexandru ,

The other day when this happened, my system was completely locked up and I would not have been able to bring up anything even if I wanted to.

Will the tool be able to give me historic information after a process has been killed?


Yes, the tool collects Studio logs and some other system logs (without PII).

350 MB Memory usage doesn’t seem like much! My Studio is typically over 500 MB Memory when I have any project opened and always runs smoothly.

Other applications (like Teams or Chrome) need much more memory. I think it’s just the standard in modern computing where RAM is usually 8+ GB.

Maybe it’s just an issue with the launcher or maybe even with your machine :speak_no_evil:

I have seen multiple instances of the launcher. Sometimes up to 3 or 4.

I am keeping an eye on it. This happened around the time my Windows 10 update took place. I’m thinking if there is a connection. Or, if it is something with the launcher.

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