Why is Start Process opening a window below other Windows?

I am trying to open File Explorer using Start Process activity. When I run my program, there might be some other windows open. Regardless, I want the Start Process to open File Explorer on the top!

Most of the time, it works fine. But occasionally, it opens below other Windows, and this totally messes up my program execution because I have other interface activities such as Click, Type Into etc done on File Explorer.

I need it to open on top most in z-order. How can I make it happen? I checked the properties of Start Process but it doesn’t have any property for changing z-order.

Hi @tomato25

Use start process and use maximize window activity


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Hi @tomato25

No worries buddy
–use Start process Activity and mention the file path of file explorer as did already
–once after that use a Activity called Activate and select the window of file explorer as a element, this will bring the application foreground buddy
For more info in this

Cheers @tomato25


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