Why is read range activity taking too long on StudioX?

I’ve been using Studio for years and I’m coaching citizen developers on StudioX. The same file is taking way too long to be read when Read Range activity is used on StudioX, it goes up to 10 mins for files that has few thousand rows. Why is that so? Studio will take barely take few seconds even for 100k rows.


Check the filesize of the Workbook being read, if it’s kinda huge there may be unused/empty cells that register as used. Deleting those rows should solve the issue.

Hope this helps!


If you use older version of Excel.Activities package, can you try to update it to 2.20.1 or above?

And the above document also says as the following.

To increase performance further, we recommend setting the Read formatting option to RawValue and deselecting the Visible rows only option.


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this seems to work. thank you!

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