Why is $ or ~ $ added to the beginning of the excel path I wrote?

Hello, I have an interesting problem.

When I run the code the path to the excel path that I define with variables is not going. Instead, ~ $ is added to the beginning of this path. So it gives me an error.

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this before? Can you communicate the solution, if any?

Hi @mazlumkacar,
Everytime any document (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.) is opened there is second hidden file created in the same location. It’s temp file which is removed shortly after your document is saved and closed. Seems that somehow activity is catching this instead of correct file. Are you able to share the simple project where issue is happening so I could try to replicate the issue on my side? Eventually please try to disable “show hidden files” option in Windows settings.

i can share my project with you but it doesnt be useful for you because there ara many assets and arguments:d but i will try to make it simple and send you.

But i can tell you, first time when i try to run it, it worked. but now it added $ sign and doesnt work. i dont know how will i solve it.

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Try also to work with debugging. Maybe there is a place where something is changing your file. Hard to say without seeing the project.

but when i add a log message before excel application scope, i see that it adds ~ $ at my path before it comes to excel application scope activity. How can it be possible?

I could check it only if I could see the project. Right now it’s hard to me to just guess.


Not able to see all the activities from the xaml. I think as @Pablito mentioned the file might have opened somewhere.

Check that, also print and check what is your input argument for that file name.

You don’t see all activities because xaml file is without json and you have missed database package.

Anyway this package and used activities are not needed for our “Excel case”. From what I see you have this:
Left side is excel path which you are getting from Orchestrator asset right? That’s ok. Right side is your excel name which comes from argument and here is the moment where filename occurs. Now I need to know what is assigning your excel file name to this argument. I can only quess that you have other workflow in which you are invoking this file and where you are assigning filename. So we need to go deeper :slight_smile:

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