Why is my process shown as "Requires User Interaction"?

It will be a long question but i unfortunately write from the beginning so that you get my frustration.

My main is actually quite simple: to create a small headless (hidden/webdriver) browser automation, which runs on my machine, which i also can start from orchestrator. So as i also wanted to edit those processes on my mac, i created a Cross-Platform process, where some activities are missing, i.e. Open Browser… Good no problem, we have the Use Application/Browser but it unfortunately does not support -yet?- headless mode (which i really do not get, since it is one of the important things for people who deal with browser automation). Anyway.

So i have created 2 identical processes to try with both ways:

  • Windows-legacy, and with these activites: open browser (+1 headless support) + UI Automation/Element/Mouse/Click. The other click (UI-Automation/Application Click) can just be used inside a “Use/Application Browser” which does not support headless.
  • Cross-platform, and with these activites: use browser chrome (-1 no headless) + UI Automation Click (which seems newer?)

Now when i publish both of those workflows to orchestrator the first one is shown as “Requires User Interaction”, and i think because of that, when i want to run the job, i get this error: 1. This job can run only under an account with credentials defined and there is none assigned to this folder. (i think it needs for whatever reason my local machine credentials defined)

But the second one (cross-platform) is shown as “Background process” and it runs the job without any error or problem. And the chrome is opened in my local machine and runs the job successfully.

WHY? These are both identical jobs regarding the activities. So my main question, how can i get the headless process run on orchestrator? I have the feeling, even if i define my local machines credentials, it will not work.

PS: My workflow is quite simple. Click 3-4 buttons, get some text, and if the condition is fulfilled, send an email.


Check below for your reference

Hope this will help you


thank you. it did work!



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