Why is it the case that i am no table to see some packages

Some packages are not visible to me but to others who have installed the same version . I am not able to figure out the reason for this … pls help …

Also some packages are getting installed but we arent able to see the activities of it under the activities tab … pls help us understand the scenario

Hi @srividhya_ramamurthy

Your project is enabled with modern design so you cannot able to see some activities

Disable this one and check


HI @srividhya_ramamurthy

Welcome to UiPath community

Can you tell us what are the packages are not getting for you?

What is the Version of Uipath are you using?


Thanks a ton for the quick feedback … diabled it … still not able to see them

What activities you need ? @srividhya_ramamurthy

Try downgrading the package of which activity is missing


For example UiPath.Cognitive services packages i am not able to see … IBM.WatsonDevelopercloud …
installed but activities not visible … there are many like this


Did that too…run time rule changed to lowest applicable version … do i need to restart machine … ?but have not done so before

Okay try restarting your uipath studio @srividhya_ramamurthy

UiPath restart done … no change … will do a machine restart and confir

Machine restart is also done . Can u help me understand what else do i miss ?

You have the activities before and after Uipath update you cant find them, is this right? @srividhya_ramamurthy

Yes … some of them …

Yes in the previous project i am to see them … but not in the fresh ones i am trying to create …

so how to bring them ?

I can see the package @srividhya_ramamurthy

Try searching in official


Hi @srividhya_ramamurthy
Please note that the activity that does not support .NET 6 will not appear in Manage Packages for UiPath Studio with the target framework - Windows.

e.g. UiPath.Cognitive.Activities 2.2.4
I opened this package in a NuGet Package Explorer and I can see that the last update was done in Oct 2019. It does not seem to support .NET6 as of now. The Studio team is working on migrating this activity.

Thanks Anuj, But some of teammates are able to see them as Sudharsan also Mentioned. Any ways to change the framework from windows ? what is that i am missing?

Target framework can be selected while creating a new Process from the “Compatibility” dropdown.

Oh wow… tats great . .will try that … Thanks a lot.