Why is important to have SPEED inside of the UI AUTOMATION?

Why is important to have SPEED inside of the UI AUTOMATION?

0:00 Intro
0:34 Chapters
1:27 Normal Click
2:10 Simulate Click speed
2:57 Send windows messages
3:45 The issue with a bad selector (unstable selector)
4:58 Anchor base logic
6:18 Move the mouse with an offset from stable element
7:45 Click Text
8:40 Click Image
9:30 Menu access using Send HotKey
11:30 Type into
12:00 Simulate Type SPEED for Type into
13:00 Empty the field
13:24 DelayBetweenKeys
14:05 One Type Into add data in 3 EditBox
15:00 How to add data on Table with one interaction activity
15:50 Format data inside of the string
16:50 Why is important to have fast automation with less interaction (Example with numbers)
19:35 Similarity with speed on Motorway Example
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Cool vid! Couple questions I want to know after watching your vid:

I liked how you covered X and Y on the click. It would be helpful if UiPath had a highlight point of where that would be on the screen so you don’t need to test out how many X and Y coordinates you need (positive values move the coordinate right and down).

Click Image - Sometimes my UiPath has trouble using this activity and even if i drag and select the box, it never seems to click it (web browsers). What are reasons why the activities would fail?

Does Click before Typing technically activate the element? What does Activate really mean?

Was your vbTab a string variable with the β€œk[(tab)]”?

Thank you!

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Hello Shawn,

I understand the first suggestion with the highlight point but is not so easy. From my experience, after you do this 2-3 times you will feel very well the screen.

With Click Image on Web Browser be careful on the target. On the properties β†’ Input ->Target β†’ Selector this can be variable and the name of the page can change of each RUN (Example depends on DATE or on what you search on that page) So be sure that you have a stable selector there (after you run this multiple times ) and then check if is working if still not work reduce a little the accuracy of the image.

Click Before IS performing a click with moving the mouse there and click the most simple action from the beginning of the movie. The software that you automate react and Activate the Element (UiPath don’t control the activation part just move the mouse in the middle of the element and execute a click)

I use vbTab on String Variable this is the standard from Visual Basic if you want to add Tab Key inside of the string. β€œk[(tab)]” is a convention made by my colleagues that made type into an activity to identify special characters and decode this. In theory, if I put β€œk[(tab)]” inside of the string and then send it to TypeInto activity this will work, But if you write the correct code in visual Basic and everyone should understand is better to use VbTab.

Cristian Negulescu

Hey Cristian - you are one of my favorite YouTubers :slight_smile:

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