Why is element exists returning false when it should be true?

The idea behind my bot is when a person’s status in teams shows green they are active, if its not true, it will continue to loop until the status changes.

I am using an anchor base to anchor to the chat, then using element exists to see if status is green. It returns false regardless if its actually true or not. Here is my workflow:

Here is what i am working with on the teams webpage:

Any ideas on how to fix this bug?

Just check if slector is able to recognize the little green tick as a separate element or not. If this approach doesn’t work then use Get Attribute activity or use the Ui Explorer to see if there is any attribute which shows whether a person is active or not, like - innerHTML text, aaname etc. Just check in Ui Explorer

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Hi @nicholas.harvey

you can try out the get arribute actvity too and see whther any attribute is storing available status or not.

or another most relaible way is using an api call to get person availability in teams using below api

I think it would be helpful apart from doing a UI Automation around