Why is data messed up after the first page of data scraping?

I am trying to do a workflow to scrape data from several pages of tables on a (password protected, so cannot share link) webpage. I am scrapping the data, then attempting to write it to an excel file. The sequence correctly scrapes the first three data sets from page one, but the next pages are messed up (data set four is the correct value - 5, data set five is the correct value + 11, etc.) Some data sets do not even show up.

Does anyone know why this is happening?
I’ve attached my simple sequence below. The ExtractDataTable is set up as a variable.

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I will add that upon further review, the first page’s data is even messed up a bit. I am lost why the data is not saving correctly.

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Hi @jrw

use max number of results as 0

use data spanning click selector based on that you can click the selector

Ashwin S

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