Why installs package each job run

I have a job which had an execution time of 15 Seconds on orchestrator 2020.4.1.
After updating on to 2021.3.1 the job has an execution time of around 5-6 Minute. At the beginning of each execution it installs the same package instead of using the already installed package.

What is the reason?


Hello @Stephu ,

Refer the below post. Hope it will help to solve your issue.

Hi Rahul
Thanks for your post.
But whats the sense of installing each time?
According my understand is that on first execution of a job the package will be downloaded to the robot machine. So in every execution after the first execution the package should be still there.
So there is only a check required if the package is already on this macheine.

Hello @Stephu ,

As per my understanding also for each execution from orchestrator it will not download the package again. It will just execute the package which is already downloaded and if there any updates to the package it will download gain…

@loginerror Can you provide your suggestion here

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Ok but then the message “installing packages” which i see on the job is wrong.

This sounds strange @Stephu

Could you please check with our technical support? It might be a known issue and our team there will know the solution :slight_smile: