Why I properties is different with others

Hello guys, when I click Properties button, my area show me like below pic:
when I look at others screen is like below, how can I change my display to others, thanks

Are you using StudioX or Studio? Looks like you’re using StudioX and they’re using Studio. Or it’s just a difference in the UiPath.System.Activities version.

ok, I know what is the different. Just the different version.
thank you


Specifically for for each…you can downgrade to 22.10 or below to see the same structure


After update in new version “For Each Activity” design changed and it adjust argument type atomically with intelligence. Suppose you have String type array then it will chose string type and suppose you have int type then it will chose int.

If you want to use old package version activity then downgrade your package and use it.

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Thank you very much!

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Thank you for your reply.
How I can know when is release the newest version?

@LEILEI To know about release you would have to attach with Forum / UiPath Insider Platform Where you can find that what new coming. Here is one more thing you can’t stop update in Community Version it will auto download.
For new Update join insider platform where Beta version come before public preview.

@LEILEI Here is link for UiPath Insider:

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