Why i get this error even though i run succesfully the practical exam what is the meaning of this

check separate xaml file for login to acme, with correct definition and functionality. ,
check config file - config.xlsx for extra configurations for acme_url and acme_credential,
check for renaming activities 1,
check for renaming activities 2,
check for correct usage of items from the transactionitem 1 ,
check usage of transactiondata,
check for correct usage of transactiondata,
check against using hardcoded values 2,
check using correct city values,
check for correct usage of items from the transactionitem 2


Welcome to the UIpath Community.

You should follow following things.

  1. We have to store credentials either in Orchestrator Assets or Windows credentials manager and write that Target name in config file.
  2. ACME URL also we have to write it config file and from process we have to read this but don’t hard this URL directly into process.
  3. For every Activity, you should follow proper naming conventions and it will be very helpful to debug and we can understand easily where is the error.
  4. Based on the input requirement, you have to identify exact TransacionData and transactionItem.

For suppose, if TransacionData is of type DataTable then TransactionItem should be of type DataRow.

  1. And also follow proper Exception handling in the workflows.

  2. We must use REFramework to complete this task and hope you are using the same.