Why I can't delete sliverlight extension

     I'm a new-comer of Uipath. My company's application use silverlight,so I installed the silverlight extension. But at first ,I didn't find the right  silverlight version to install to browse. Today I found it at the forum,so I need remove the old silverlight extension.But I could't . The error information is  :

     According to the information, I checked .But I have closed all the browse, could anybody give any clue or solution?

Hello! Does any information from this page help you?

@user150 ,

Could you try to restart the machine and do the uninstallation/.

 I can remove the extension in the browse. The problem is I can't uninstall the extension in the Uipath desktop.
  I restart my PC many times but the question still there. My PC is Windows 11  Home edition.

kill it from task manager, if any of the instance is running it will not uninstall.

Shakti Singh

Hello @user150 ,

Could you confirm no java application which is using the silver light is not running?
Can you close all the other application from Taskmanager except the windows processes.
Then try to uninstall. As per the error message its showing some application is running and utilizing the silverlight. So better to kill all the unknown applications and try.

I solved it by myself. I used another PC to install the right version silverlight. Then I installed the silverlight extension in the Uipath. It worked. I copy the whole file folds “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Silverlight” and “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Silverlight” to the original PC. The proplem solved.

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