Why i cannot publish different projects in the same way

When i try to Publish different projects they having different methods to publish why i cannot get the same method to publish
why i cannot publish in personal workspaces every project

Hi @Tharusha.fernando

if there is change in role or access to folders, Publish to location might change. Check if there is any of those changes are made in Orchestrator

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hi @AdityaVN
i m using the same machine but only different projects its gives me different option both times i want to publish in personal workspaces is their a way to do this

this document might be useful. Point 6 in the doc has elaborate info about orchestrator feeds.

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You can publish in your local machine by just choosing Custom and there you can mention the folder path where we want to save the nuget package

Cheers @Tharusha.fernando

Hy @Palaniyappan
i try the same way but i m getting a error as follow

Reconnect the bot and give a try

And by the way where you want to publish the package exactly


Hy @Palaniyappan

i tryed reconnecting an stuff
i want to publish the package in the VM

You mean in local machine and not to the orchestrator

Hi @Palaniyappan
No its should run in VM thought orchestrator
So even we run from orchestrator we need to install the Pakg in the computer
my issue is after installing pakg and run from uipath Assistances it gives me a Error Msg
Could not find the path

but if i upload it directly to orchestrator without saving it in a custom location it works
but at this point i cannot upload the project to orchestrator