Why i am getting you are not Unauthorized?


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hi @dana_nafez
pls explain your incident

I am trying to follow : Orchestrator API - how to trigger a process - #4 by Susana

but that whar i got

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Hi @dana_nafez,

Use following API guidance

Happy Automation

i get the error message in the first step.

have you checked your header and body if there any required fields are missing

Where i suppose to fill the missing parameter
i just copped the url : https://platform.uipath.com/odata/Releases

have you refresh your token ID and add again ? , make sure to clear the cookies

Hi @dana_nafez,

Do as follows,

go into your orchestrator click API access and copy relevant api details from their

Request need to be create as follows

Me’thod : POST
in Header Content-Type : “application/json” this will give you a json output
in body send following details

“grant_type”: “refresh_token”,
“client_id”: “Copied from API access”,
“refresh_token”: “Copied from API access”

this will return you a Refresh token and it will available for 86400

Note: when you use this in uipath HTTP request activity add end point add header and add body as follows

“{”“grant_type”“: ““refresh_token””, ““client_id””: ““copied client id””, ““refresh_token””: ““Copied token””}”

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Dear Can you send me the project

and which environment you are using to post the url

Hi @dana_nafez,

use attached process

Copy your User_key and Client_id from your Orchestrator as mention in the previous reply

REST.zip (19.4 KB)

Happy Automation

same problem

need screenshot of your endpoint and https request body

end point : image

body : “{”“grant_type”“: ““refresh_token””, ““your_client_id””: ““8DEv1AMNXczW3y4U15LL3jYf62jKxxxx””, ““refresh_token””: ““NQjGU_OyO1XEWNxn15B6MN9YvS0-8WJanmM2uvRCxxx””}”


there is nothing wrong can you check calling different API other than Uipath.
if your pc in business environment they will block API calling by using proxy or other service you can check this by doing above mentioned step

Thank you very much