Why forceful upgrade to beta channel?

Hi UiPath team,

After the recent update of 2022.10(stable), the studio is forcefully upgraded to 2022.12.0-beta which I don’t want to try. I want to be on the stable pipeline. And I saw the option to select between the stable and beta is gone.

The idea of force updates just pissed me off.

This is a wired choice.

I think the UiPath management team wants to convert community edition users to paid users forcefully.

Hello @harshil

Please check the below post.


Hi Rahul,

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I saw that post. But, why this decision? This just feels like, “We’re (the community version users) now just a test base for UiPath.”.
We no longer get stable updates.
That day I received a forceful BETA version that I didn’t want to install/upgrade to.

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This new release brings few fixes to the issue already reported. Also as per the document you can see the updates will be coming as beta version going forward.


That’s the whole point of my post.
Why BETA (I think only BETA) for the community version? Why not the stable version that just works perfectly? Moreover, they just got crazy with forceful updates/upgrades. What if I don’t want to update to a new version and stick with a version that just WORKS?
In my case, I don’t need fancy new features here and there every week or a month.
I need my tools to be stable as a rock.

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As per my understanding in the Enterprise edition you have the option to stop the auto-update. But in community, there are no such options.

You can check the below post.


What a shame using the Community Version as an “enforced betatesting team”…