Why doesnt the automation invoke code (C#) gives error in mac system, with a cross plateform bot


For my cross platform robot when I added an invoke code activity with some c# code, it started giving errors in Mac System. But the same robot is working just fine in Windows Laptop.

Thanks and Regards
Ankush Pandey

Hi @Ankush_Pandey

Check the version of .NET framework that you have installed on your Mac. If you not installed means please install the .net framework

Kaviyarasu N

Hi Thanks for the response I will try it and let you know.

Okay. I hope it will work after install the .net framework :blush:

Could not find file ‘/Applications/UiPath Assistant.app/Contents/Robot/PreLoadedEmptyWorkflows\PreLoadedEmptyProcess_vmKo0zws8k28fR4V4Hgmw.dll’

This is the error I get, even after installing the .net framework