Why doesn't FindChildren select links?

Hello. I want to select links with FindChildren. But I couldn’t do it.

As you see in the 1st picture. I want to select the Figure>div>a tags.

  1. In the picture you see the UI Explorer screenshot. When I validate it is validated :slight_smile: There doesn’t seem to be any problem.

When I run the program, it cannot find the a tags

In this example, it needs to find 48 a tags. But it selects the parent tag of the first a tag. How do I select all a tags? I’ve been trying to solve this for 2 days. Please help.

all links do have a common parent element
to this element the find children selector is to set
the filter:
ist to set to <webctrl tag='A' />

we would also recommend to set the Find Scope to FIND_DESCENDANTS

Hello. Thank you for your help. I found the solution.

The solution consists of 2 steps.
1- First, I find the parent tag of all figure tags with find element. (In this example, the section tag)
2- I select the element I found with find element as the element with find children. and I add properties like tag=‘a’ to the filter property

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