Why does unattended robot run closes down Salesforce Data Loader after completing start up Data Loader workflow?


I have a BDD test case where I start with Given: StartUpDataLoader.xaml workflow (starts up Data Loader app, logs into the desired org, verifies “Login successful”, cancels out of this login window and be at the Welcome dialog [ready to insert an opportunity for example]).

When (for example): I have a workflow to create opportunity data followed by a workflow to insert an oppty using data created. Then (for example): I verify that oppty has been created and closes the DL app.

Test case runs fine on my laptop with my attended robot. However, I published this test to my orchestrator and execute this test with unattended robot. What I’m seeing is this:
Given starts up the Data Loader app, logs in to org, verifies Login Successful, cancels out of login window and be at the Welcome dialog and is ready for inserting oppty; however, I’m seeing when the workflow is finished and unattended robot has returned to the test case in progress to proceed with the next workflow, Data Loader is closed down. Why is this happening? I need the Data Loader up and running (ready for the next steps).

Anyone input is appreciated.


Turns out, my local Use Application has Close “Never” while my VM Use Application has Close not set which looks like by default ‘Always’. Corrected this and voila! Works consistently per local and VM.

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