Why does UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities 20.4.1 throw error?

Hi All,

I have installed UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities 20.4.1 package installed and on my remote desktop 20.4.7422.14731 Remote Runtime version. In Uipath’s documentation it shows both are compatible but when i run the process it throws incompatibility error. Also, when i downgrade the activities package in uipath’s studio most of my activities become invalid. What can i do in this case?

Thank you!!



I have the same issue with downgrade.

Upgrade the UIAutomaton Activities package to 20.4.2. Studio version v2018.4.4 / v2019.2 and Also remote runtime version 20.4.7472.17184. This worked for me.

Also, when you need to spy elements on a screen, try reducing the size of the window by minimizing it. Let me know if this worked.