Why does UiPath Robot User Service appear in the Alt+Tab list?

Hello, all!

Not really an issue, just more of an annoyance. The UiPath Robot User Service appears in the Windows Alt+Tab list. This used to not happen in UiPath 2016. But in the latest version UiPath 2017 it started to show up. See screenshot below.

Does anyone know of a way of getting rid of these empty icons in the Alt+Tab menu?


In win10 there is a “Close” icon for every icon in the list.

@qateam Do you have any idea about this? I could reproduce with Studio Community 2017.1.6435, win10 after running a wf at least once. Also, robot tray not visible.

minor issue, will be fixed in a future release.

Awesome! Thanks! I was not expecting such a quick reply. Love the attention you all put into the community.


This was really helpful. Do you know how can navigate to different opened windows in Citrix?
Example: I have 4-5 windows opened but Alt+Tab moves only between first 2 windows. SO I’m searching for the solution to navigate up until 5th window.


@qateam FYI, This is still an “issue” in version 2018.1.0.

@qateam: Still showing up in 2018.2.

Indeed, we did not fix it yet.