Why does my workflow cancel at random times, even though the sequence of activities have no errors

I am doing remote connection automation

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  1. Buddy kindly check with all click and type into activities whether they are enabledwith simulate click property sometimes when running in remote connection, the application or the browser may not be in foreground, so enabling them can make the pages come foreground

  2. Or another possibility is check whether the activities been performed in different pages has attach window as a full selectors and all the other activities inside it

  3. Then kindly check whether your remote system is getting logged off or been used while the bot is running the process or been interrupted

  4. Make sure all the popups are disabled in all the browser or antivirus softwares as sometimes it may affect the execution of the bot thus not allowing the bot to identify the elements

  5. And more always try to use a maximize window activity next a attach window or attach browser or a start process or a open application, some times bot might find difficult to identify the elements when the screen is minimized

Hope this would help you buddy


Is it working fine now buddy…or do we need to tweak this little more buddy

These links can help you with your future reference



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