Why does my click fails randomly in my unattended bot

Hi there,

Do i change all my clicks to simulate “true”?

Hi @mark_rajkumar1

Can you share the error details that you are getting on failed clicks?

And regarding Simulate Click, it just does not rely on the mouse driver, so it provides a faster way of performing click actions. Just enabling it might not fix your problem here.

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Hi @mark_rajkumar1

Yes you can change every click input mode to simulate.

It doesn’t failed in the unattended mode. Please share the error you got.

Hope it helps!!

@arjunshenoy the error throws randomly for all the different clicks as unable to find the selcector when it runs in unattended mode. Attended i never had this issue.

The error unable to find selector @mkankatala


Please make sure that the selectors are stable & dynamic. The bot might be proceeding with the next actions even before the UI element appears, you can tackle this by modifying the ‘Wait For Ready’ property.

Go to the Settings in the Project tab & change it to Complete in the UI Automation tab like this:

You can also try placing some delays wherever you feel the Ui takes some time to load.

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@arjunshenoy my settings are same