Why do you require login for documentation suggestions?


I noticed that suggest edits button in activities help take you to a page up in level.
I guess is a bug

Hi @Victor_Stanescu

Could you maybe provide a screenshot and a link to the page with the issue? :slight_smile: I am not sure I understand it.

I notice that the suggest edits link takes you to a page where you should login in order to suggest something that could improve your product.
This discouraged me to make any suggestions although the help page for many activities is lacking alot of info.


This button actually opens up (when logged in) an edit page of specific documentation page for you to directly edit it and then submit it for our team to review.

I will check with @Madalina_Boboc how our documentation team feels about anonymous submissions IF that is possible on the readme.io platform which hosts the documentation.

However, given the features that become available to you as part of the Suggest Edit feature, I would expect the login option to stay there.


Hi! :wave:

So the Suggest Edits feature does indeed require logging in. This is not optional because:

  • An email is automatically sent to you if your suggestion is merged
  • The doc team can add comments or ask followup questions on your suggestion and you are notified about this through an email
  • You can check up on the status of all your suggestions on a specific guide in a dedicated page

However, if this seems too much and just want to get something across to the doc team, without logging in, you can use the page vote + comment section.