Why do we need to put a scope around Click/Type Activities?

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Can someone at UiPath explain why we need to have an Application/Browser Scope around Click/Type activities?

I think this makes workflows a little less clean to read. Before we could drag a click/type into activity without a Scope because within the selector, it defines the scope of the application/browser in the first line.

We were on 2020.4, and are in the process of upgrading to 2020.10.6.

Hi @tonyspizza ,

Browser Scope or Attach window used to make sure that the activity(Type Into or Click in your case) inside had to be clicked within that specific window assume you have multiple windows and problem would happen that the click might happen in wrong window.

Also in few cases you might have to transfer the container as a variable to next workflow.

It’s much, much cleaner and more reliable to have your click etc activities inside a scope. That way you don’t have to re-designate the top level selector over and over and over inside every single activity.

Thank you for your reasonable response!

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