Why did you change Take Screenshot so it requires a scope?

This was a really bad change. The classic Take Screenshot works without being inside a browser/application scope, and allows you to take a screenshot of the entire screen.

Hi @postwick .

Thanks for the feedback.

Whatever functionality is achieved with Classic.TakeScreenshot, should be achievable with Modern.TakeScreeshot as well.

Anyway, I would like to understand your usecase and the nature of the problem:

  • it’s a matter of: doesn’t work and I cannot take the same screenshot, because of the context
  • or more of: the workflow design becomes complex and would prefer to be able to use TakeScreenhost independently of the card

Could you please provide more information?
Thank you

This is incorrect. The new activity shows an error if it is not inside a Use Application/Browser activity, and it requires a selector. This prevents taking a screenshot of the entire screen.



The use case is that there is some sort of error, and in my Catch block I want to take a screenshot of the entire screen so we can see what was happening when the error occurred.

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We’re planning to allow the Screenshot activity to not have a target.

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I hope you will also look at any other activities you changed this way, and fix those too.

Here is another example. The Extract Table Data activity must be inside a Use App/Browser scope. Why? Extract Table Data has its own window selector and target selector. Why can’t it just use those? This stuff is making our code more complex and less organized. Things I could do with a single activity in the past now require multiple activities to be added and configured.

Also, it’s not clear how this even works. If it’s in a Use App/Browser scope, does it ignore its own selectors and use that scope or do its own selectors override the scope?

This requirement was implemented and available with 21.12-preview. Please give it a try.


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