Why date is getting wrong

when i was download the excel data from website in that date was coreect but when was read all data to another sheet of excel but its showing wrong data how can i solve this please help

@Bhargavi_Lokapur1 could you send the snip of 2nd sheet/output?


While reading the excel file make sure PRESERVE FORMAT is enabled so that the format is retained
This usually happens when excel file is read and date format changes because of the column format

Have a view on this thread for more insights

Cheers @Bhargavi_Lokapur1

I check its also not working
Please anyone suggest???

Hello @Bhargavi_Lokapur1

Assuming you have downloaded the data into a DataTable called ‘downloadedData’

Data Cleanup and Type Correction (Example: Removing leading/trailing spaces)

For Each row In downloadedData.Rows
row(“ColumnName”) = row(“ColumnName”).ToString.Trim

Write the cleaned data to a new Excel sheet
Excel Application Scope:

  • Use Excel activities to create a new Excel sheet or overwrite an existing one with the cleaned data.
  • Use the “Write Range” activity to write the DataTable to the Excel sheet.

Thanks & Cheers!!!