Why colum is appending

i am getting column1,column2 etc has output but the actual data is only 1 why column is appending with actual data?

@shruti are you assigning the output data table output to message box? It seems so.

Output Datatable Activity Writes a DataTable to a string using the CSV format.

By using For-each loop construct or For Each row you can traverse this.


by using for each also iam getting same thing

Probably Read Range will not allow integers when Add Headers is checked (not 100% sure)

If you cannot modify your sheet, as a work around you can add below code snippet after your read range.


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Thank you :slight_smile: worked with substring

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This happens because your “Read Range” activity reads the whole page. And if you have any data for example in the 16000th column, it adds Columns to the empty places between the original columns of your data and 16000th column at the end. (Column1, Column2,…, …Column15999)

So, be sure about whether you have any other data in your sheet (could be invisible or added to the end of the page)