Why "Click Text" not working in Firefox & Chrome browser? (IE working)

I have use “Click Text” to search text on web page and click text it work well on IE but not work in Firefox and Chrome
Error Message : (The method or operation is not implemented).
Is there another way to solve this ? Regards,

Hi welcome to uipath community
Kindly install the chrome and Firefox extension to get that work

Apart from this Make sure that simulate click property of the click activity is enabled

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You might need to enable the Firefox and Chrome Extension

Go to Start → Tools

and install the desired extensions.

Hi Palaniyappan,
Thank you, I have already try no: 1 & 2 for Firefox extension also Chrome extension, but I can’t find simulate click property of the click activity on “Click Text” property.
I use Uipath Studio 2019.4.3 Enterprise Edition Trial version, cos of trial version?

Thank you…

Fine once after installing the extensions
Kindly restart both the chrome and uipath studio once and try

Cheers @NKLO

Thank you …

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Kindly let know whether that worked or not pls
Cheers @NKLO

@Palaniyappan still not working for “Click Text”. Other Activities are working eg:(Click) Activity so extension are work right?

what error u are getting?

Error Message : ( The method or operation is not implemented ).

while selecting that element ,are u able to select the element which u want or entire screen is selected??
is uipath extension is visible on ryt side ??

@ImPratham45 yes i can select the element or entire screen also extension is visible…

can u share the selectors or if possible workflow file??

Main.xaml (4.5 KB)

once u try to click on just search option for google
check is it working or not
then i will check coz the wf u have given contains the click text but i dont know on which website u are clicking

Thank you…


FYI for click text there is no “simulate click” property instead you can use “send window message


@balu Thank you

I have the same issue please give me the solution